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The Phat Phrog

Asset Store

Welcome to our Store Page, your one-stop-shop for exceptional video game assets and compelling royalty-free music. Here, you can explore an extensive range of pre-made assets, from intricate character portraits and spell icons to dynamic soundtracks, all designed to supercharge your game development process. Each asset is meticulously crafted and thoroughly tested, ensuring it's ready for immediate use in your projects.

Commercial License


“Great collection of ambient soundtracks suitable for different genres and situations”


"This ambient music collection is just what everyone needs for their game. It has something for everyone! Just browsing through some of the tracks, you get so many new ideas of ways to incorporate this music in your games. I just want to start several new projects in order to use more of this music! I absolutely love it."


“This and the Action RPG collection just give me goose bumps listening to them. I have so many ideas to go with these assets its given me a new framework, if ever I am short on ideas I'm going to listen to music and let the ideas flow in, truly amazing.”


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