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Phat Phrog Studio

Loyalty System

At Phat Phrog Studio, we're excited to introduce our new loyalty system! For every product purchase, you'll earn a loyalty point, equivalent to a £2 discount on your next order. Plus, simply signing up on our site gifts you 5 loyalty points. It's our way of saying thank you and adding extra value to your experience with us. Start collecting your points today and make the most of every purchase at Phat Phrog Studio.

Loyalty Points

Earn points and turn them into rewards

  1. 01

    Sign Up

    • Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program

  2. 02

    Earn Points

    • Purchase a product

      Get 1 point for every £1 spent

    • Sign up to the site

      Get 5 points

  3. 03

    Redeem Rewards

    • Claim your loyalty points

      1 Point = £1 discount

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