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Welcome to our Store Page, your one-stop-shop for exceptional video game assets and compelling royalty-free music. Here, you can explore an extensive range of pre-made assets, from intricate character portraits and spell icons to dynamic soundtracks, all designed to supercharge your game development process. Each asset is meticulously crafted and thoroughly tested, ensuring it's ready for immediate use in your projects.

Embark on a serene musical journey with the "Wilderness Piano Music Collection," a captivating selection of 6 RPG piano music tracks. Priced at $14.99, this collection is tailor-made for game developers creating RPGs and MMORPGs. The tracks, characterized by their slower tempo, evoke the peaceful and introspective essence of wandering through vast, untouched wilderness areas, making them perfect for enhancing the depth and tranquility of exploration and contemplative moments in your game.


What's Inside?


  • 6 Serene and Reflective Piano Tracks: Each piece in this collection offers a calm and soothing melody, ideal for scenes set in natural, outdoor environments. From the gentle rustle of leaves to the quiet majesty of mountain vistas, these tracks are designed to complement the beauty and serenity of wilderness exploration.
  • Atmospheric and Emotionally Engaging: Inspired by the tranquility of nature, the music in this collection brings a sense of calm and introspection to your game's atmosphere. Its slow pace and thoughtful compositions are conducive to creating an immersive and emotionally rich environment for players.
  • High-Quality, Cinematic Sound: With exceptional audio clarity and quality, each track provides a professional and immersive listening experience. The delicate nuances and expressive dynamics of the piano enhance the narrative and setting of your game.


Why Choose Wilderness Piano Music Collection?


  • Ideal for RPG and MMORPG Developers: This collection is specifically crafted for developers working on RPGs and MMORPGs, providing a fitting soundtrack for moments of exploration and reflection within the game.
  • Instant Access for Easy Integration: Gain immediate digital access to the music upon purchase, allowing for straightforward integration into your game development projects.
  • Excellent Value: At just $14.99, "Wilderness Piano Music Collection" offers an affordable solution for adding high-quality, emotive piano music to your game, enriching the overall player experience.


Price: Enhance the emotional depth and atmosphere of your game's wilderness settings with "Wilderness Piano Music Collection" for only $14.99.


Let the "Wilderness Piano Music Collection" transport your players to a realm of peace and natural beauty, where each note resonates with the splendor and tranquility of the game's untamed landscapes.

Wilderness Piano Music Collection

SKU: 00038
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